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Powerful Computer

Who We Are

Interdisciplinary International Experts


  •  We have a feeling of a social responsibility to contribute to improving the world in a meaningful way.

  • We value a non-hierarchical, respectful, warm, and curious approach to solving important problems in healthcare with urgency, and under uncertain and emerging conditions.

  • We are ambitious, results-oriented, and are analytical and passionate about the problems we are trying to solve.

  • We place quality of the product at a premium.

  • We are guided by our conviction that improvement in the quality of healthcare is achieved by making the latest research results available for clinical use, and that this is accomplished by foremost investing long term in research and development rather than in short-term financial gain.


We are a multidisciplinary and international start-up team composed of medical doctors and academic researchers from NASA, Karolinska Institutet, University of Sydney, software developers, and business developers.

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